Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a night and day of Queen

here are two albums by Queen. the first is "A Night At the Opera", their 1975 breakthrough, and the second is "A Day At the Races", the 1976 sequel. both are incredible albums, filled with amazing music. check them out!!

Queen - A Night At the Opera

download "A Night AT the Opera" by Queen:

Queen - A Day At the Races
download "A Day At the Races" by Queen:

A Clockwork Orange

this is the Original Sound Track for Stanley Kubrick's film "A Clockwork Orange". this is very evocative music, and if you've seen the film before, you should have no trouble recalling it while listening to this marvelous recording. featuring music performed by Wendy Carlos and some orchestral snippets, you should check this out now!

A Clockwork Orange OST

download "A Clockwork Orange OST":

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

more Eno

this is one of those albums that just is good. this is "Another Green World" by Brian Eno. featuring robert fripp on guitar and filled with more purely instrumental music than any of his previous albums, this was perhaps the pinnacle of Brian Eno's career. check it out!

Brian Eno - Another Green World

download "Another Green World" by Brian Eno:

Fun Trick Noisemaker

this is the debut album by the Apples In Stereo. the first release from the indie powerhouse Elephant 6, "Fun Trick Noisemaker" is like a blueprint for all future Apples albums; its all there in embryotic form. from fuzzed out guitars to hummable melodies to head-whoosing effects, you'll find it all here. check it out!

The Apples In Stereo - Fun Trick Noisemaker

download "Fun Trick Noisemaker" by the Apples In Stereo:

Monday, March 3, 2008

charles gayle solo

this is live recording of charles gayle playing unaccompanied tenor sax in japan. this is a very powerful and engaging performance, check it out!

Charles Gayle - Solo In Japan

(tracks 1 - 3 in part 1, tracks 4 and 5 in part 2)

download "Solo In Japan" by Charles Gayle:

part 1:
part 2: